Where to get the WBN books

Our Givers gift their books to people who don't regularly read up and down the country on April 23 - so we're not going to tell you how you can get your hands on the actual WBN copies. But if you want to read the books (which is the important bit) they're available in all good local libraries and bookshops.

World Book Night wouldn't be possible without the involvement and support of libraries and bookshops so we'd encourage you give them your support in return.

You can see a map of all the participating libraries and bookshops here.

Local libraries

If you're not already a member of your local library then you can find more information about where it is and how to join at DirectGov.

Local bookshops

You can find where your nearest local bookshop is from the National Book Tokens website database which lists independents as well as chains.

But if you’d rather just find your local independent then you can check here.

Or the chains can be found from their own websites (where you can also buy books and in the case of Blackwell's, Foyles & Watestone's you can also check local stock availability):

Online & eBooks

You can buy books and eBooks online from all of the above booksellers but you can also buy from these websites:

On World Book Night

I love this idea. There’s something primeval about it: to think of my story being passed on from one person to another makes me feel a connection with the earliest storytellers in their caves, or crouching around a fire on the dark savannah. The relationship between the storyteller, the story, and the audience is an ancient one that long predates things like bestseller lists and royalty statements, or even money itself. It’s really a form of enchantment. The gift idea is just as old and just as potent, and to see them combined in this brilliant and simple way is a delight. I’m very privileged to be part of it.

Philip Pullman

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