About the 2014 Books

One of the most amazing things about books is that they're completely subjective, what one person loves won't necessarily be another's cup of tea. We don't put our list of books together with the aim that everyone will love all of them, but we do believe that there's at least one book on our list that everyone will love. Some people will have read a few of our books, others will have read none but what we hope is that they'll inspire everyone to read them, from committed regular readers exploring authors they haven't read before to emerging readers, just starting out on their reading journey.

We know it can be hard choosing books, even from a list of 20, whether you're thinking about applying to be a giver or just what you might want to read yourself, so we've put together this guidance to help you find your way around our list. 

What we think of the books

Very brief reviews
Longer 'Spotlight on...' reviews
How the books were chosen


Quick Reads and books for adults who don't read much or struggle with reading
Books for teens and young adults
Great Non-fiction
Amazing modern fiction
Fantasy / Alternative reality
Short Stories
Books about love
Books about families (or not really having one)


Quick Reads

Quick Reads is a charity we work closely with. They commission well known authors to write short books with language and type designed to be easily readable and great compelling narratives. They publish six books a year. For World Book Night we've chosen to feature four Quick Reads. We believe if the Quick Reads branding wasn't there, you wouldn't know the books we've chosen were written specially for it. They are simply brilliant, short, enjoyable quick reads.

Four Warned PBB FCHello Mum smallperfect PBB jamesFCTODAY EVERYTHING small


Books for teens and young adults

Boy smallRoaldDahlHolding2 smallworld book night - THEODORE BOONE smallCherub smallTODAY EVERYTHING small


Great Non-fiction

BoyWithTopknot Cover smallTODAY EVERYTHING smallConfessionsofaGP59 sec small


Amazing modern fiction

Getting Rid of Matthew pbkHUmans jacket smallTales Of The City smallerWHATEVER IT TAKESHello Mum smallBoy small


Thrillers and action adventures

Cherub smallworld book night - THEODORE BOONE smallblack hills.jpgGorkypark smallGeezer Girls



After The Funeral vis4perfect PBB jamesFCGeezer GirlsGorkypark smallHello Mum smallRivers of London small



Rivers of London smallHUmans jacket small


Short Stories

RoaldDahlHolding2 smallFour Warned PBB FC


Books about love

Getting Rid of Matthew pbkWHATEVER IT TAKESHUmans jacket smallTales Of The City smallerblack hills.jpg


Books about families (or not really having one)

BoyWithTopknot Cover smallHello Mum smallHUmans jacket smallWHATEVER IT TAKESCherub smallTODAY EVERYTHING smallBoy small

On World Book Night

I love this idea. There’s something primeval about it: to think of my story being passed on from one person to another makes me feel a connection with the earliest storytellers in their caves, or crouching around a fire on the dark savannah. The relationship between the storyteller, the story, and the audience is an ancient one that long predates things like bestseller lists and royalty statements, or even money itself. It’s really a form of enchantment. The gift idea is just as old and just as potent, and to see them combined in this brilliant and simple way is a delight. I’m very privileged to be part of it.

Philip Pullman

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