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In 2012 we created a full 10,000 word evaluation of World Book Night including reach, giver demographics, geography and survey response, bookshop and library data and digital reach and impact. We also collected 54 giver testemonials from World Book Night 2012 that show the range and breadth of experiences that givers had.

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The following are taken from the World Book Night 2012 Evaluation. Please refer to the evaluation for more details on each area.

Key highlights:

  • 98% of this year’s givers would apply to do it again, 98.8% would recommend it to others
  • Through the instigation of last year’s recommendations World Book Night was able to offer an improved experience to participants in 2012
  • World Book Night succeeded in engaging, as givers, a broad cross section of society from all demographic groups with a wide geographic reach; while 24% are educated to degree level, an equal number have no qualifications at all and givers were three times more likely to be skilled manual labourers than they were to be in managerial positions
  • Givers reached those who don’t regularly read with only 5% feeling they weren’t successful in achieving this
  • A focus on reaching harder to reach or engage and more needy sections of society saw givers focus particularly on giving to parents, teachers and support staff in schools and to young people as well as hospital/care workers and patients, the homeless and prisoners
  • Almost 2000 libraries and over 500 bookshops participated
  • Almost 1 million people visited the World Book Night website, and millions were reached digitally through social media
  • Hundreds of events were held around the country with thousands of attendees
  • Hundreds of press stories ran with a particular focus on mass media consumed by traditionally non-regular readers, with a prospective reach to more than 13 million people; the initiative was once more supported by a valuable BBC partnership

Key Value

World Book Night is a unique programme which delivers key value in the following areas:

Reading and literacy

  • Demonstrating the universal appeal of books and reading through the mass participatory nature of the event
  • Engaging those who don’t ever read a book (35% of the population) in reading for pleasure
  • Improving the literacy skills of those with level 1 literacy (40% of the population) by exposing them to great books and the transformative power of reading for pleasure
  • Inspiring those who aren’t fully literate (16% of the population) with the belief that books and reading are for them too
  • Enabling households that don’t have books to engage with book ownership (a key driver to social mobility)
  • Empowering readers to think, talk about and promote books and reading
  • Promoting universally good books and creating an inclusive conversation that values reading all books, not just a literary canon

Community creation

  • Enhances community bonds by connecting people through the shared experience of sharing books
  • Encourages broad engagement, empathy and social connection and outreach
  • Connects communities with libraries and bookshops – vital reading hubs
  • Creating an online community of active readers and givers to support each other
  • Promotes the concept of giving within communities

Side benefits

  • Promotion of the power of giving and of books as gifts
  • Creating a fast growing community of passionate, super-engaged reading ambassadors to engage in all manner of conversations about their passion – reading
  • The nature of the individual engagement and the giving aspect encourage an inclusive grass roots involvement rather than a heavy handed top down approach to talking about the power and importance of books and reading
  • The ability to evolve and lead the conversation with our core audience to promote complementary but broader reading, book and literacy messages
  • The BBC as media partner generates high profile media opportunities for books including having this year’s initiative launched on the One Show to an audience of 5 million.


On World Book Night

World Book Night is a visionary idea and I am totally thrilled that The Island has been included as one of the titles this year.  By definition, stories are created to be shared and to be part of this massive incentive to spread the pleasure of books and reading is an enormous privilege for a writer.  

Victoria Hislop

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